A Pause in the Journey

Dear Friends,

As the steward of this digital memorial dedicated to the Romanov family, it has been my profound honour to share and celebrate their enduring legacy with you for the past two decades. With the passage of time, new responsibilities have emerged, demanding my focus and reducing the time I can devote to nurturing this site as it truly deserves.

Rest assured, this is not a farewell but merely a pause—a moment for me to gather new resources until we can reconvene. The page will remain a quiet testament to our shared love and appreciation for the family during this hiatus.

For smaller updates, please join me on the Facebook page. Should you seek specific information or wish to share insights, my inbox is always open to you - lmabee [at] frozentears.org.

With heartfelt gratitude for your understanding and companionship on this journey,

- Laura

Give my love to all who remember me. – Olga N. Romanova

Olga N. Romanova to Anna Vyrubova, January 22, 1918, in Memories of the Russian Court, 1st ed., p.323. London:Macmillan, 1923.