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I bet you're wondering where they updates are, eh?
I have to apologize, as it seems my schedule has become quite tight as of late. I have begun a course in Web Development, and it is taking most of my free time.

Check in with me over at Facebook, as I update that more frequently. You can also connect with me there and ask me any questions you may have.
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93 Years Ago...

Today's update is a special one, as it is made in remembrance of the time, 93 years ago, when the Romanovs were lost to the revolution.

The first update comes to us from a wonderful online contributorIvanych90. He has made the rare documentary A Host of White Duchesses available for everyone. The documentary is in Russian, but the film footage (as well as the photography!) found within are quite rare. I have not come across such a rare documentary since The Last of the Tsars. So thank you Ivanych90! Your kindness is appreciated by all of us!! ♥

The second update comes from our wonderful Mr. Meersman. He brings us the expanded score of the 1997 Anastasia film! For those like me, this film was what began the interest in Russian History and the family, so this score serves as a sweet cup of nostalgia. Thank you Mr. Meersman for your awesome contribution!

Our final update is special exclusive interview with the up and coming artist Anne Lloyd. Ms. Lloyd is is making a splash with those interested in the Romanovs. Her fantastic paintings, videos, and watercolours leave many desiring more. Ms. Lloyd has kindly agreed to sit with us here at to discuss her work.

Read the Interview Here!

Until next update! Cheers mates! ♥


Small update today! New documentary called Anastasia: Dead or Alive by NOVA. Check it out on the documentary page.


Today marks the 110th anniversary of the Grand Duchess Anastasia's birthday! To mark the occassion, I have added the documentary Anastasia: Her True Story by A&E Biography, as well as a made for TV film, Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. You can find them both respectively on the documentary, and film pages.


News & Updates
If you haven't visted's Facebook page since last Wednesday, you should check it out! Currently I am hosting a contest for you to win a copy of The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller. The contest is simple enough, email me (lmabee @ ) a picture of how you keep the memory of the Romanovs alive! The photo can be of anything! Art, your bookself, your work! Each photo will be put to a poll on the Facebook page, and the top 5 photos with the most votes win!

I also have uploaded a documentary by the BBC titled Infamous Assassinations: The Assassination of Nicholas II. You can check it out on the documentary page.


News & Updates
I can't believe June is already upon us!
2011 has been flying by fast, and the summer is already here!
Do you know what I LOVE to do in the summer? I love to read a great page turner! Something that makes you crave for more!

Well Frozentears crew! Have I got a treat for you! Sarah Miller, author of the upcoming The Lost Crown is here with us today to talk Romanov!

Check out our interview!!

If that Interview whet's your appetite for a great summer read, keep an eye on's Facebook page, as I will soon be announcing how you can win a copy of The Lost Crown!

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