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~:F.A.Q's:~ has gotten many questions over time, and I hope I can help answer these questions with this page. If anyone would like me to add a question, please feel free to let me know.


1. I can't view a Movie Clip, Help! What can I do?
Usually if you can't view a clip, it's due the improper Codecís on your computer. My highest suggestion is to download VLC Player. VLC Player stands for VideoLAN Client, this media player will play almost every media file possible. For more information on VLC Player go to the VLC Official Website.
If you decide to use VLC player (I highly recommend it), I can show you how to install and use it.
2. Can I use ______ on my Website/YouTube?
Sure! I am more than happy that you have found something on my site you would like to share! The only thing I ask for in return is that you credit what you take. I've taken a lot of time collecting the media on this site, and screen-capping all the videos. If you're extra kind it would be nice if you put a link back to this site. I know many people don't know how to credit, or link back yet. Here are examples of each:

Images/Videos were taken from

Credit with link back:
Images/Videos were taken from

To add the above credit, all you have to do put this in the page you use items from this site on:

Images/Videos were taken from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

3. What are the little red x's on the images?
If you see red x's on images that look like this:

It means that your browser is not .Png Compatible and an ActiveX plug-in is trying to view them. What is a .Png you ask?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics):
A bitmap image format that employs lossless data compression. PNG was created to both improve upon and replace the GIF format with an image file format that does not require a patent license to use. PNG is officially pronounced as "ping".

Who Supports .Png's Files?
Internet Explorer 7
Netscape Navigator 5+


Double Click on the VLC Icon

Choose which language you wish to have VLC installed under. After you've chosen, click 'Ok'

After you've chosen your language, a Splash screen will appear that will guide you through the rest of the Installation. This is what the Splash screen looks like:

Once you are confidant in installing VLC player, choose 'Next'. You will get a screen with a licence agreement which, in summary, asks you not to change for this program as it's 'freeware' etc. After you've chosen 'I Agree' the next installation screen will appear:

I would recommend the 'Recommended' Installation. This installation will make almost any media file viewable in VLC. After you've chosen the installation that is right for you, choose 'Next'.
You've now reached the installation screen. Where just one step away from Installing VLC Player (and being able to view almost any media file!). When you're ready choose 'Install':
VLC will then Install:

After VLC has installed, it will show you a completion page. You can choose to run VLC player at this time, or even read the ReadMe File.

Congratulations! You've installed VLC player!
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Using VLC Player
The Long Way to Open A File

Now that we've installed VLC player, letís make that program work for you! Letís choose a file to play.
First Click on the VLC Player Shortcut

Once you open VLC, the player will appear. The Player looks like this:

Letís Open a file. First choose the icon on the far left, I've highlighted it to show you:

Once you click on this an 'Open File' screen will appear:
Choose the highlighted box called 'Browse' to the right of the 'Open File' Screen. Once you choose this, a 'Menu' will appear with available media files to choose:
After you've chosen your media file, click the 'OK' option in the lower right corner.

Now that you've chosen your media file and have told VLC to play it, the file will now load in VLC for your enjoyment!

Make sure you have a nice cold drink, some popcorn, and a nice soft comfy place to watch!

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Using VLC Player
The Short Way to Open A File

Double Left Click on the chosen Media File:

And Voila! It should play right away in VLC Player:

Make sure you have a nice cold drink, some popcorn, and a nice soft comfy place to watch!

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